Does your dog love to sniff?

Would you like to turn their sniffing from a solo pursuit into a team activity? Would your dog benefit from extra mental stimulation that is fun for you both, tiring for your dog, and builds your bond?

The method used by Talking Dogs Scentwork was developed specifically for pet dogs, combining founder Pam Mackinnon’s experience as an ex-customs dog handler and her experience as a trainer. Dogs of any age, breed, and ability can enjoy scentwork, with the searching tailored to individuals’ needs: timid dogs can gain confidence, easily distracted dogs can gain focus, and all dogs love sniffing out their prize!

Talking Dogs Scentwork Workshops

From the first stages of learning to associate a specific scent with reward, you and your dog can progress through all our workshops learning how scent works, what your dog needs, how to hide articles to achieve specific results, and have the best time truly working in partnership with each other.

Upcoming workshops below! 

SCENT 1 - Foundations28th March 2020 

This is your introduction to scentwork where you and your dog learn the basics. Your dog will be introduced to a specific scent and will be encouraged to give an active indication. You will learn about the scent picture, basic handling skills, free searching and blind searches.

There are no pre-requisites for dogs, or handlers, attending this workshop, all are welcome.

SCENT 2 - Handling skills

 25th April 2020

Scent 2 concentrates on handling skills, introducing directed searches and search patterns. These allow teams to increase the challenge of the search, including changes of height, duration of search, and multiple/zero finds. 

Building on the foundation searches, this day concentrates on the human element of the search team. 

SCENT 3 - Skill builder

 29th February 2020

13th June 2020

Building on the use of search patterns, searches become longer, thresholds become smaller. Hiding scented articles inside items inside other items requires the team to work more accurately and efficiently. Some new on lead searches, such as baggage and vehicle searches, may also be introduced.

SCENT 5 - Practice day

 18th July 2020

A day of honing skills through multiple finds, blank searches, and declaring the search area clear. Find out just how well you and your dog are really working, great preparation for Scent 6! Some new on lead searches, such as postal searches, may also be introduced.

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