This class provides you with a chance to explore a mix of clicker training, sniffing fun, tricks, assistance-type behaviours, body awareness, and more - plenty to challenge your dog in a fun and supportive environment! The classes are on-going - join for as many as you like. We'll work on progressing behaviours over the weeks, but also throw in new challenges to provide plenty of novelty and mental stimulation

Who is this for:

The Dogs: ideal for those dogs who have energy to spare and enjoy a new challenge. Activities can be tailored to individuals' needs, so the class is suitable for young dogs, and those on restricted exercise, as well as seniors who want to take things slower physically but stay sharp mentally. No previous experience necessary. 

The Humans: this class is for handlers who want to explore their dogs' capabilities and be amazed by how smart their canine companions are! Get the chance to spend quality time with your dog, building your relationship, and leave with a tired dog, and plenty of ideas to keep you dog's brain busy at home!

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