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Ellie Atkinson

I’ve loved dogs all my life, and since getting my own dogs have loved learning what motivates them. This spurred me on to become a trainer, and support owners committed to improving their dogs’ lives, and their own. I believe in using only kind methods supported by modern scientific research. I also believe in making things as easy as possible, and that means training the skills your dog needs to fit into your life, but also getting things right from the start to prevent any problems down the line.

I have been independently assessed and accredited as a full member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT), and am also an Elite Trainer with Talking Dogs Scentwork®, and believe in incorporating scentwork in all its forms into the training I offer.

I currently share my life with a gorgeous smooth collie, Newton, whose favourite pastimes are sniffing, sniffing some more, pigeon patrol in the garden, and snoozing, before resuming some more sniffing (he says why would he have such a long nose if it wasn't to use it?). He also loves his Talking Dogs Scentwork and hoopers, and will occasionally agree to try learning a new trick, but it really does get in the way of sniffing, so he does ask if I wouldn't mind keeping it brief...